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We are monitoring cryptocurrencies

As a team, we review the digital asset exchange around the clock. We are responsible for tracking the declines and increases of each cryptocurrency. We analyze projects from the moment of implementation. We assess the suitability of each cryptocurrency and the sense of its development, the investment risk and the expected line of growth or decline. We pay special attention to each conference and the opinion of the most important people. We scan hundreds of forums dedicated to discussions about virtual money. We will not miss the smallest detail, what can be confirmed by our subscribers by the signals they receive.

We inform you about the upcoming increases

Each of the information we try to make available to you in the first place is analyzed. If we notice potential in it and we are convinced that the project and the involvement of traders indicate inevitable increase, we automatically inform you about this. Our system works extremely fast. From the moment the cryptocurrency is analyzed and found out that the signal is a good signal up to the moment the information is sent to you is only 5 minutes passes. Signals are sent around the clock, watching over the whole process with a great care.

We analyze our forecasts

Each previously given signal goes to our supervision department. At this stage, we follow every move associated with the cryptocurrency that our signal referred to. If we find that the potential for growth is even greater than we originally assumed - you receive information from us to increase your sales threshold. However if for whatever reasons, the given signal in our opinion does not reach the assumed threshold - we will send you a message with information about the maximum rate at which you should sell the cryptocurrency, so that the obtained profit would be as large as possible.

Here are the effectiveness of forecasts in previous months

The effectiveness presented in the chart was based on all forecasts received by our users in analyzed by us cryptocurrencies alerts. We informed about the increases that will take place and the thresholds ending any investment.

We achieved a 359% profit in March 2021!

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Choose a service package and start earning money right now

Familiarize yourself with our service packages, select one of them, pay for it using one of the listed currencies and start receiving information about our analyzes.


1 MONTH $279

By choosing this package, you get access to information about upcoming increases for a month. You receive signals on your mobile phone and computer


3 MONTHS $439 $505

By choosing this package, you get access to information about upcoming increases for three months. You receive signals on your mobile phone and computer


∞ life time $999 $1099

By choosing this package, you get access to information about upcoming increases for life time. You receive signals on your mobile phone and computer

Selected payment method: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero


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Receive our signals

Below is a list of steps given that will allow you to receive our signals. Do it and enjoy your income now.

Step #1

Download the Telegram messenger to your device (phone, computer or tablet). Signals can be received simultaneously on several devices, which allows you to receive forecasts at any time.

Step #2

Choose and pay for one of our service packages. (Click here to choose the package). During the purchase, we will ask you to enter on the form your email identifier. Thanks to this we'll connect your purchased access with your email first and in second step after payment confirmation, we'll ask you for specifying Telegram @username. Premium activation in most cases does not take more than one hour after making the payment. After granting access, you'll receive confirmation at the email address provided.

In case of any problem or you just unsure, please contact us via chat or email.

Step #3

You will receive in each signal the exact instructions regarding buying and selling thresholds for each cryptocurrency. If you do not have an active account on one of the digital asset exchanges, we recommend the following: Kraken, Binance (also US version) or Coinbase Pro

If you use another crypto exchange and do not know the ones we suggest, please contact us. We offer full support in this case. We don't just provide signals. Our support is ready to help you with various matters related to the cryptocurrency industry. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Why are signals not free?

Our forecasts do not come out of nowhere. A dozen or so people work on the project, they pass their knowledge and experience to subscribers in sent signals. In addition, we use our scripts and market analysis systems. It is a hard job that guarantees real profits.

How much money do I need to have to start the investment?

It all depends on how much you really want to earn. Remember to invest money with caution. Many of our subscribers began with low amounts that are successfully reinvesting to now. It is known that the higher the initial amount, the faster and higher the profits.

Do I need to know something about cryptocurrencies to get started?

This is not required. You will get all the information you need in the signals. Starting from the threshold that begins the investment, and ending when you should sell the particular cryptocurrency. By using our service packages, you use our knowledge and learn from us.

Does each of the sent signals guarantee profit?

Usually it is like that. Every information undergoes verification process with several analysts who express their opinion. However, we are not able to predict all market movements, which means that in the case of 1-2 signals in 10 given a loss may occur. That's why you get information about the STOP LOSS threshold at each signal to lose as little as possible.

I paid, when I will receive signals?

Usually, you get access within a dozen or so minutes of subscribing. This time can be extended eg at night. Your subscription will be valid for the period of time selected by you from the moment of granting access. You will also receive a confirmation of your access to the e-mail address provided.

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