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A great choice to verify us and see if you like it. Variant is usually chosen by beginners.
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A more economical plan for decided people who want to take advantage of our service for longer.
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  • Access to Signals
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An excellent choice if you know our quality and would like to become our lifetime member.
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Frequently asked questions

How do you know I paid?
Each new order receives a dedicated payment address. Only one order receives the same payment address. When you transfer the required amount, then the system detects and approves it.
How long can this take?
It depends on the method of payment and the current load on the blockchain network. Usually, after paying the required amount, the system approves the order within about a max of 30 minutes.
Can I pay using exchange?
Yes, you can use the exchange to pay, but remember to cover the withdrawal fee. For example, Binance takes away directly from your withdrawal a fee, if you do not add this fee to the withdrawal amount, your order will be underpaid.
What are the payment methods?
Currently, possible payment methods are Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), or Binance Coin (BNB) transfer. By default, payments are made by Bitcoin, if you want to change it, just click on the selected logo above the packages.
Can I get a discount?
Possible discounts are always presented on this subpage. If you cannot see the discount information, there is currently no way to get a better price to buy a membership. Usually, promos appear on the occasion of Black Friday, X-mas, New Year, or Easter.
Underpayment, what should I do?
You should have received an email with details. The underpayment must be made using the same transfer address. Never open a new order in this case as you will receive a new address.
Does the price include Cornix?
We charge a fee for providing you with integration and support. To use Cornix successfully, you additionally need a Cornix subscription, which you can purchase on their official website.
How to activate it?
After paying, you will receive all instructions via email. The activation process is very simple and requires nothing from you except the Telegram app.
Can I activatea it on several devices?
Yes, as long as each device uses the same account. Sharing membership with multiple people is prohibited.
Do you guarantee profits?
We do not provide any guarantees due to the specificity of what we do. Trading is too complicated and its final effect depends on many factors, such as individual strategy or risk management. Of course, we do our best to ensure that the signals are of the best possible quality. Please make note that the content we publish is only an opinion based on our individual trading activity that is not financial advice.
How many signals will I get?
It depends on many factors. Usually, we try to deliver one to even two signals a day. Please don't panic if one day you don't see a signal - if trading is unfavorable, we held for a moment.
Do we have other automation?
The only supported auto-trade solution is Cornix. If you choose a package for a year or lifetime, you will be able to use this integration without additional fees. Please note that Cornix as a service requires additional fees.
Will I get signals for Bitcoin?
We usually focus on altcoin (non-bitcoin cryptocurrencies). However, there may also be signals for Bitcoin from time to time. Please note these types of signals are rare.
Security & Privacy
What data do we process?
We only require your email address to process your payment and grant you membership. We also collect your Telegram ID at a later stage in order to be able to provide you with the service. No other data is collected.
Can I delete my data?
Yes of course, in that case, you can send us a request via email.
All calculations and data presented within the publications and digital marketing and media including but not limited to websites, brochures, presentations and return models are deemed to be accurate, but accuracy is not guaranteed. All payments and orders are final. The projected pro forma returns on investment are intended for the purpose of illustrative projections to facilitate analysis and are not guaranteed by, or its affiliates and subsidiaries. Possible trading activity should be based on your own research and decisions. We're not providing financial advising services. Past performance is not an indicator of future results., or any other person or entity presented on this site, is not responsible for decisions made by someone.